Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Mon Nov 16 19:36:46 UTC 2020


Il 2020-10-16 09:51 Seth Troisi ha scritto:
> I included a patch with the rename but not including Marco's tdiv

I pushed most of the changes you proposed.

I only removed some portion of the proposed tests/mpz/t-nextprime.c.
You are right, also the return value of the new function should be 
tested, but I think that we should find a way to check both the result 
and the return value of single runs of the function. E.g. test_largegap 
can check that mpz_prevprime always returns 1 or 2, and run_p may take 
another parameter so that we can check (depending on the range) if 2 is 
returned as expected, or 1 is enough...

Let's see if we can improve it even more :-)


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