Volunteering/applying for AWS OSS credits?

Derek Chen-Becker dchenbecker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 04:53:33 UTC 2020

There are a couple of other options for hosting that fall under the GNU 

https://savannah.gnu.org/ - but these servers are in the US as far as I 
can tell

https://puszcza.gnu.org.ua/ - A version of Savannah that's run in the 

Not part of GNU, but listed on The Savannah site as an alternative:

https://www.tuxfamily.org/ - I'm unable to determine exactly where the 
servers are for this, but their sponsors appear to be French and their 
CIDR block for the main website is also French. They offer website and 
mailing list support under a provided domain, as well as Mercurial hosting.

Even if you decide to keep running on the existing hardware, my offer to 
help with any administration tasks is still open.



On 1/16/20 4:58 AM, Torbjörn Granlund wrote:
> Derek Chen-Becker <dchenbecker at gmail.com> writes:
>    Disclaimer: I work for AWS, but my interest in GMP is for personal projects
>    Hello,
>    I noticed on the website that the site, email, etc, are running on older
>    hardware and that a single person is maintaining the site. I would like to
>    volunteer to help in whatever capacity I can to maintain the site, etc. I
>    used to be the webmaster for gnu.org, and I've been doing Sysadmin work on
>    Linux for many years.
>    Also, since you're running on older hardware, I was wondering if you would
>    consider applying for OSS credits with AWS to run on newer instances there:
>    https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/opensource/aws-promotional-credits-open-source-projects/
>    I can help with forms, etc, if you'd like.
> Thanks for the offer to help.
> Unfortunately, there are several reasons why we will not consider
> running the GMP site on AWS.  One is that the GNU project strongly
> believe in Free Software and that your infrastructure should adhere to
> that principle.
> Also, it is not clear to me that relying on "the cloud" under US
> jurisdiction is any more secure than running it in Europe.  The laws of
> the US and the US government's practice is a major menace to anything
> which runs there.  We have privacy invading laws here too, but the
> situation is much less bad here.
> Third, I think any company which for example does not allow its
> minimum-paid workers proper breaks for going to the bathroom is too
> horrible to do business with.

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