mpn_gcd documentation [Was: Replacing gcd_1 with gcd_11]

Niels Möller nisse at
Fri Jan 3 14:52:37 UTC 2020

"Marco Bodrato" <bodrato at> writes:

> Il Ven, 3 Gennaio 2020 12:46 pm, Niels Möller ha scritto:
>> Looks good to me. I wonder if mpn_gcdext with two even arguments is
>> tested, or if its doc needs a corresponding update?
> I pushed it.


> mpn_gcdext is tested by mpz/t-gcd, and mpz_gcdext does not seem to handle
> the parity in any way. So I believe mpn_gcdext should not have any further
> restriction to document. But I'll be happy if other developers can check
> :-)

At least, it seems that mpn_gcdext_1 supports even inputs (unlike
mpn_gcd_11), and this is tested by (the fairly recent) t-gcdext_1.c.


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