Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Sun Feb 9 13:50:57 UTC 2020


Il 2020-01-30 21:12 Seth Troisi ha scritto:
> I've disabled both gap test but left the code is so that I can
> uncomment and run it when doing serious changes to the file.

If the gap tests are basically equivalent to running many repetitions of 
test_ref, you can trigger it when the number of repetitions is larger 
than some adequately large ammount.

By the way I  pushed this version of your patch.

> I was referencing my change for mpz_prevprime which is implemented via
> a macro shared with mpz_nextprime

In my opinion, the loop in _{prev,next}prime is not really 
So that... I'd like a different approach, not a macro. Moreover, I'm not 
the main developer of the function mpz_nextprime... I'll personally 
leave to the other developers the task of revising the patch and 
possibly integrate it with the current library.


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