[PATCH 2 of 3] Add MIPS32R2 RDHWR-based cycle counter support

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Wed Sep 11 21:50:42 UTC 2019

T>   Add MIPS32R2 RDHWR-based cycle counter support.
T> Does that work in user mode for all *nix ports?

don't know.

basing on a quick grep:
openbsd, freebsd seem to only allow ULR but never CC/CCRes;
netbsd seems to enable everything in HWREna including CC, CCRes.

T> Does it not also work in r3, r4, r5?  And r6?

the instruction and CP0 HWREna are defined in r3, r5, r6 too.

there is no r4.

T> Is there are mipsisa64 counterpart?

mips arch specs list mips32r2+ only where they usually mention mips64 too however i6400, p6600 (64-bit r6 cores) specs say rdhwr and the corresponding hwrena bits are supported.

octeon cores has this 32-counter since octeon plus at least as well as a custom 64-bit counter.

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