GMP work on symbol visibility

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Sat Sep 3 08:14:46 UTC 2016

nisse at (Niels Möller) writes:

> Is this 6 year old post still valid? 

Hmm, here's a related gcc bug with is marked as fixed,, also marked as a dup
of the old bug Ian
refers to.

> I guess it would also be useful with some function __attribute__
> expressing that "I don't give a damn whether or not pointer comparison
> for address(es) to this function work according to the C standard".

Anyone else who thinks that would be a good idea? I'm considering filing
a bug report/feature request to gcc.

Anyway, as to using protected, it seems it's a bit too hairy for its
own good. 

But why doesn't symbol aliases with hidden visibility have the same

Say we have an internal symbol mpn_foo_internal with visibility
"hidden", and an alias mpn_foo with visibility "default". Then I think
the desirable behaviour is that pointers to mpn_foo and mpn_foo_internal
are equal if and only if the executable doesn't provide a different
implementation of mpn_foo. But I have no idea how that really works. And
since symbol aliases aren't C standard, one could argue that the
standard's rules for pointer equality don't apply.


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