fast inversion

bodrato at bodrato at
Wed May 20 03:57:46 UTC 2015


Il Mar, 19 Maggio 2015 10:02 am, Niels Möller ha scritto:
> The declaration of mpn_com looks a bit fishy. It's conditionally declared
> in, inside an
>   #if __GMP_INLINE_PROTOTYPES || defined (__GMP_FORCE_mpn_com)
> But the inline definition is in gmp-impl.h, not, so not visible
> to user code including only gmp.h.

This is not just fishy, it's wrong. I removed the #if.

> And the inline definition is conditional on !HAVE_NATIVE_mpn_com,

But it is not an inline function, it's a macro redefining mpn_com, it will
not conflict with the prototype __gmpn_com. (I hope ;-)

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