Additional memory handler features.

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Sun Jan 4 23:08:31 UTC 2015

Victor Shoup <shoup at> writes:

> But I see mention of itching and scratching: could somebody
> describe what that is or provide a link? Sorry for my ignorance.
> ....and sorry for the length of this post....

The idea is that instead of having gmp allocate temporary storage, it
should have a function to tell how much temporary storage is needed for
each operation, and then let the application allocate that anyway it
please, and pass it as an additional argument. So instead of

  mpn_mul (rp, ap, an, bp, bn);

one would do something like

  mp_limb_t *scratch = xalloc (sizeof(mp_limb_t) * mpn_mul_itch (an, bn));
  mpn_mul (rp, ap, bn, bp, bn, scratch);
  free (scratch);
For convenience, higher level functions could allow a NULL scratch
argument, and allocate temporary storage using registered gmp allocation

All this applies to mpn functions only.

There are several motivations for this type of interface:

1. For low-level mpn loops, this helps eliminate the frame pointer,
   making one more register available. (Functions using alloca need a
   frame pointer).

2. For higher-level functions, it may help reuse temporary storage,
   reducing the total storage need of GMP.

3. It should make it possible for applications to allocate temporary
   storage up front. E.g., when a cryptographic application initializes
   a key, it may allocate up front all temporary storage needed for
   operations using that key, so that later operations can never fail
   for memory allocation reasons. Even static allocation may be possible
   in some cases.

Of course there are also some drawbacks. It makes life more complicated
for applications, and the implementation of functions like mpn_mul_itch,
which interact with pretty complex algorithm choice machinery, is going
to be a bit complex too.


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