A contribution to GMP

Lukasz Komsta sp8qed at onet.eu
Wed Oct 23 21:34:39 CEST 2013

Użytkownik Marc Glisse napisał:
r sharing. Are you aware of the MPFR library? GMP's mpf_t type
> is a legacy type and we recommend people use MPFR for new projects. And
> if you are aware of it, how does your code compare, and what are the
> main motivations for sticking with mpf_t?

I know about MPFR and noticed some time ago that it contains such 
functions, but I have not tested this library as I had no time to switch 
my codes to it. However, I will do it soon.

I developed my functions during several long evenings to deal with some 
problems on computational cluster with installed GMP, not forcing 
administrator to install MPFR.

I do not know if there is a trend to suspend GMP in floating point 
partand urge users to switch to MPFR - if so, my work was only for fun. 
However, I cannot deduce such feeling from GMP page and "plans" page 
include developing of such functions. If they can be somehow used, its 
my pleasure.

I am just installing MPFR under Cygwin and will play a bit with MPFR, 
noticing about my conclusions.


Lukasz Komsta

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