[PATCH 0/3] Resubmit of Sparc T3/T4 patches.

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Tue Mar 5 22:14:07 CET 2013

David Miller <davem at davemloft.net> writes:

  From: Torbjorn Granlund <tg at gmplib.org>
  Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2013 21:35:19 +0100
  > Richard Henderson <rth at twiddle.net> writes:
  >   One extra add insn here (copy-paste from addmul)?
  >   	addcc	%o5, %g3, %g3
  >   	addxccc	%g2, %g1, %g1
  >   	addxc	%g0, %o4, %o5
  > Since I cannot test this at all (qemu-system-sparc64 persistenty resists
  > all my usage attempts) I need you to perform the following tests:
  Richard doesn't have access to any addxccc capable machines (virtual
  or otherwise) either :-)
But you do.

  Did you commit all of these 3 patches to the HG repo?  If so I'll
  work on testing the simplification Richard suggested above.
I've only committed the sparc32 patches so far, since the other arrived
just a few minutes ago.  Also, I cannot run 'try' on these.


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