caching of transforms used for large multiplications

Daniel Lichtblau danl at
Fri Jun 14 22:03:05 CEST 2013

On 06/14/2013 02:27 PM, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
> Daniel Lichtblau<danl at>  writes:
>    If you do not manage to locate them I can scan and send a pdf. (Least
>    I can do for someone who shared a room for two months with that
>    Torbjörn fellow..)
> I started to write a reply, but decided against sending it after I read
> this unprovoked highly offensive comment.
> You're using your Wolfram Research address for this awful comment.  Is
> that in line with Wolfram Research corporate policies?
> Note to innocent bystanders: I met Daniel Lichtblau at ICMS 2006 and
> chatted with him perhaps 10 minutes, with several other people around,
> including Niels.  We don't know each other.

Actually we do know each other. We also met at ISSAC in 2007, sat 
together along with 4-5 others at the conference dinner, and also spoke 
for an hour or so after the conference ended, along with a couple of 
other people who are active with GMP (you may recall that, for our 
respective reasons, neither of us joined the post-conference tour of 
MapleSoft). You were a visitor here later in 2007; arranging for this at 
our end was in part at my request. You spent some time, (half an hour?) 
in my office. We've had some amount of email correspondence since that 
time, in 2008-09. Not much, but some. So this is, to say the least, a 
peculiar statement on your part.

Let me address concerns you raise. First, I'm fairly sure readers will 
understand that no offense was intended. While I actually possess a 
separate account, I use my company email for pretty much everything; I'm 
maybe 2-3 decades behind modernity in terms of social networking, 
electronic technology, and the like. Given the particulars of the 
correspondence in question, I doubt corporate policy would have much 
bearing (try to put yourself in the shoes of a manager at any company, 
research institute, government lab, etc.). Actually, over the years, 
I've received some amount of correspondence from sci.math.symbolic and 
comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica readers telling me how remarkably mild I 
have been in certain threads of a flame-bait nature.

I simply have no idea why you would choose to take such offense. If it 
serves any purpose, it is one I quite fail to see. That said, I'll not 
trouble you with further communication.

Daniel Lichtblau

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