GMP 5.0.5 build fails with tcc due to x86_64 asm (unknown register...)

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Tue Jun 26 10:18:31 CEST 2012

Richard Guenther <rguenther at> writes:

  But the failure mode is assembling assembler source - GMP should
  arrange to not use the compiler driver to assemble but to call
  an assembler directly for assembler source.

Are you volunteering to do this work?

It will be a massive undertaking to bring things back to the current
level of functionality.

Why is that?  Because you will need to pass lots of different ISA and
ABI slecting options to the assemblers.  And many systems have several
"as" which ar incompatible.

You should expect to spend at least one month on this project.

  (yes, the compiler
  driver knows which assembler to use, so it's certainly convenient
  to use it - but I can see people using a compiler with a built-in
  assembler that expects Intel assembler operand ordering instead
  of AT&T?)
I can "see" many hypothetical problems too.  Since I co-maintain a
complex piece of software, I need to spend my time on real problems,


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