mini-gmp checkin?

bodrato at bodrato at
Sat Feb 18 17:55:57 CET 2012


Il Ven, 17 Febbraio 2012 11:29 am, Niels Möller ha scritto:
> I've had a look at the dist machinery. Adding a directory to EXTRA_DIST
> copies the directory and *all* files. Then GMP uses dist-hook to clean
> up a bit. I ended up adding a couple of the files to EXTRA_DIST, and
> then a line in dist-hook to also copy mini-gmp/tests/*.[ch]. Seems to

Sounds a bit tricky to me, but it probably is the cleanest way if we want
to avoid recursive Makefiles in mini-gmp/

> I'm about to check this in. Ok?

Some changes may be needed to mini-gmp, but they can be delayed after the
first check-in.

E.g. mpn_invert_3by2 and mpn_invert_limb are defined in mini-gmp.h, but
they probably should not.



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