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Mon Feb 13 14:08:47 CET 2012

Torbjorn Granlund <tg at> writes:

> I am afraid Marco posted both a long time ago (2009?).  They live in
> shell:~tege/gmp/mpn/generic/toom{54,72}_mul.c.

Ah. That version is virtually identical (not surprising, given that both
versions are intimately related to the same toom63_mul.c). Just some
different names for the helper functions, and ASSERT (s + t > n) vs
ASSERT (s + t >= n), related to your recent change of

> The diagrams at include timing for Marco's
> functions.  It seems toom54 is quite useful, toom72 less so.  (These
> diagrams are from 2009, things will have changed.)

Should I push in toom54 then? (Naturally, Marco should have the credit).

> The tricky part might be making good use of them in mul.c.  (I suppose
> we never checked them in because we never fixed mul.c.)

toom52 and toom62 are also unused. Which reminds me that I should
correct the toom63 row in the diagram in mul.c.

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