Bug tracking system for GMP

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Thu Nov 25 12:34:56 CET 2010

Laurent Fousse <laurent at komite.net> writes:

  Ease of installation depends a lot on your target serveur system.
  Without knowing more, I would suggest Trac. It is simple enough as a
  user, and the last time I installed one it went flawlessly.
My serveur is a FreeBSD jail virtual machine.

In /usr/ports/www, there are a lot of trac related packages:

trac/                        trac-fullblog/               trac-robotstxt/
trac-accountmanager/         trac-gantt/                  trac-scrumburndown/
trac-addcomment/             trac-gitplugin/              trac-simpleticket/
trac-advancedticketworkflow/ trac-graphviz/               trac-spam-filter/
trac-announcer/              trac-hierwiki/               trac-tags/
trac-autocomplete/           trac-iniadmin/               trac-themeengine/
trac-batchmodify/            trac-keywords/               trac-ticketdelete/
trac-bzr/                    trac-ldap/                   trac-ticketimport/
trac-calendar/               trac-macropost/              trac-timingandestimation/
trac-ccselector/             trac-mastertickets/          trac-tocmacro/
trac-codetags/               trac-math/                   trac-tweakui/
trac-ctxtnavadd/             trac-mercurial/              trac-vote/
trac-customfieldadmin/       trac-nav/                    trac-wantedpages/
trac-customroadmap/          trac-navadd/                 trac-wikigoodies/
trac-datefield/              trac-pagelist/               trac-wikinegotiator/
trac-discussion/             trac-pagetopdf/              trac-wikinotification/
trac-down/                   trac-pendingticket/          trac-wikirename/
trac-downloads/              trac-privatetickets/         trac-wikitemplates/
trac-email2trac/             trac-pydotorgtheme/          trac-wikitopdf/
trac-estimator/              trac-remind/                 trac-wysiwyg/
trac-fivestarvote/           trac-revtree/                trac-xmlrpc/

The /usr/ports/www/trac directory's pkg-descr suggests that it does more
than I ask for:

    Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management.
    Our mission; to help developers write great software while staying out of
    the way.  Trac should impose as little as possible on a team's established
    development process and policies.

    All aspects of Trac have been designed with one single goal, to simplify
    tracking and communication of software issues, enhancements and monitoring
    overall progress. 

    What is Trac?

        * An integrated system for managing software projects
        * An enhanced wiki
        * A flexible web-based issue tracker
        * An interface to the Subversion revision control system

    At the core of Trac lies an integrated wiki and issue/bug database.  Using
    wiki markup, all objects managed by Trac can directly link to other
    issues/bug reports, code changesets, documentation and files. 

    WWW: http://trac.edgewall.org/

But this is the package you're thinking of, I suppose?

Do you perhaps know which part I should install?  I don't fancy reading
60 pkg-descr files, if I can avoid it.


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