For project "Faster multiplication": faster Toom-3, proposed Toom-4

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Thu Oct 26 13:15:28 CEST 2006

Paul.Zimmermann at (Paul Zimmermann) writes:

  Quite interesting! Did you try to implement your new algorithm in GMP,
  and compare it to the gmp-4.2.1 code? You can use "make tune" in the
  tune subdirectory to compute the thresholds, or "speed" to measure
  timings or plot graphs.
I agree the work is very interesting!

The use of exhaustive search to discover new algorithms is something I
have played with myself, using the GNU superoptimizer.  The super-
optimizer has a very large branching factor, and can not generate very
long operation sequences.

I agree with Paul about "make tune" and "speed", but I recommend a
top-level "make check" before you do too much timing tests...


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