C Sharp bindings for current gmp

Jacek Blaszczynski jacek.blaszczynski at acn.waw.pl
Thu Feb 2 14:42:31 CET 2006


OK I will release sources in their current state over next week on
SourceForge and will post to the list with detailed info.

 >Where is the problem with 64 bits exactly? Lack of a 64 bit build under

The problem is with limb size - it changes with supporting platform and some
methods are dependant on that, however very few of them, mainly some
"exported internal" gmp fast routines and their C# bindings.

>I am no expert regarding the gmp but is there really that much of a
difference in between 4.1.3 and 4.1.4? I would expect minor bugfixes, but no
major changes. I propably won't need bindings for the MPFR.

Thats true - major changes are in MPFR.


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Hey Jacek,

> Hello!
> The project has produced the results already 1 year ago - it is almost 
> complete

Sounds great :)

> (no 64 bit support and needs some work on test cases for NUnit) and

> ready for GMP version 4.1.3 and MPFR version 2.0.3. However due to 
> time constraints imposed by other projects and realease of new 
> versions of both GMP and MPFR I have never had time to upgrade my 
> bindings and as a result refrained from realeasing them to the public.

> If I could expect some help from others I am ready to realease source 
> under GNU GPL immediately.

I am willing to help and test, so you can either send them to me directly or
release them on the net. The rest of this week and the next is earmarked for
some other project with a very hard deadline, but after that it looks pretty

>At least it will not rotten on my hard drive :).
> Cheers,
> Jacek

I know your pain. Many of the projects I have are still hibernating
somewhere in my home directory waiting to be polished to be properly
released :=)



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