Development for Sun compilers

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Wed Jul 20 13:49:26 CEST 2005

Timothy Jacobson <Timothy.Jacobson at Sun.COM> writes:

  I'm a Sun Microsystems Engineer who is interested in seeing the GMP
  library tuned for Sun compilers.  Specifically, the Sun C compiler on
  amd32 and amd64 processors.  I have several questions about this:
  1.  Has this been done or is it in development already?

Not what I am aware of.

  2.  What would be the procedure for me to do this myself?

For amd32, most of the GMP run time time will be spent in
assembly code.  You should be able to prune some overhead from
the compiled C code by passing well-chosen compiler flags, e.g.,
for leaving out a frame pointer.

Since there is no assembly code for amd64, there will be much
mode to be done here.  The most critical file for GMP's overall
performance is mpn/generic/addmul_1.c.  You might want to search
for a compiler option combination that makes that run as well as

tune/speed is useful for measuring performance for individual GMP

  3.  Are there people who could answer questions I have in development?

I would suggest to use the gmp-discuss mailing list.

  4.  What is the procedures for submitting my work?

Send it here.

  5.  Are there test suites that I can run against my work?

Please use "make check".


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