mysteriously good Opteron performance

Greg Childers jgchilders at
Fri Jan 30 16:24:12 CET 2004

Hello again,

OK...maybe it's not so mysterious.  I got close to the same bench, GMPBench 
of 3850, on the same machine using gcc 3.3.3 in Freebsd 5.2-RELEASE.  So it 
looks easily reproducible.


At 02:09 PM 1/30/04, Greg Childers wrote:
>I can confirm the good Opteron performance using Gentoo Linux.  I used the 
>stock gmp-4.1.2 sources patched to fix the problem in longlong.h.  During 
>the configure, I checked that only the generic sources were used.  A 
>glance at config.h confirmed that BYTES_PER_MP_LIMB is 8.  Here's the results:
>A. Machine type and model
>Linux 2.6.1-Gentoo
>B. CPU type and clock frequency
>AMD Opteron 144 1.8GHz
>C. GMP version used
>D. Modifications as permitted above
>longlong.h patch included
>E. Compiler and compiler version used
>gcc 3.3.2
>F. Compiler options used
>-O3 -fomit-frame-pointer
>base.multiply 19534
>base.divide 12232
>app.rsa 1035.8
>GMPbench 4001.4
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