mysteriously good Opteron performance

Greg Childers jgchilders at
Fri Jan 30 14:09:29 CET 2004


I can confirm the good Opteron performance using Gentoo Linux.  I used the 
stock gmp-4.1.2 sources patched to fix the problem in longlong.h.  During 
the configure, I checked that only the generic sources were used.  A glance 
at config.h confirmed that BYTES_PER_MP_LIMB is 8.  Here's the results:

A. Machine type and model
Linux 2.6.1-Gentoo

B. CPU type and clock frequency
AMD Opteron 144 1.8GHz

C. GMP version used

D. Modifications as permitted above
longlong.h patch included

E. Compiler and compiler version used
gcc 3.3.2

F. Compiler options used
-O3 -fomit-frame-pointer

base.multiply 19534
base.divide 12232
app.rsa 1035.8
GMPbench 4001.4


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