alpha ev7

Kevin Ryde user42 at
Thu Feb 12 08:46:36 CET 2004

Does anyone have an alpha ev7 and/or ev79 handy?  If so can you check
what the gmp config.guess thinks of the cpu type.

In config.guess, ahead of the "case $guess_full" you'll need to force


to force the code there to run.  (The probing in config.guess is
normally only done if configfsf.guess has just said plain "alpha".  On
some systems configfsf.guess gives an exact cpu type, on others it

I think we need a case "3-1307" for ev7 like configfsf.guess has, and
maybe something again for ev79, or perhaps it's the same.  In any case
you can run the ./$dummy program just printing to stdout to see what
it should be.

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