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Please correct me if I am wrong but I do not believe that the mpfr=20
included with this RC is the current one.  For example, mpfr_isinteger()=20
has been replaced with mpfr_integer_p() and the old one does not appear=20
anywhere in the mpfr source anymore.

On 22 Apr 2004, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:

> The release of GMP 4.1.3 is imminent.  Please help to make this
> release as good as possible by downloading and testing this
> release candidate:
> All bugs reported in 4.1.2 should be fixed in this release.  For
> mpfr we have applied fixes from the mpfr web page, which might
> not fix all mpfr bugs.  Also, the GMP daily builds did not build
> or test mpfr for this release; your help with testing of the mpfr
> functions is particularly useful (--enable-mpfr).
> Please report test results to gmp-devel at
> (Kudos to Kevin Ryde for doing all the work behind this release.)
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> Torbj=F6rn
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