Help with testing 4.1.3

librik at librik at
Fri Apr 23 21:43:54 CEST 2004

> Rumour has it libtool support for cl+lib has bit-rotted, though there
> might be a wrapper to make cl work like a normal cc.

Nothing I was able to find.  I ended up having to write my own, but
then libtool proved to be SO broken [*] that I had to hack up the
wrapper script to make it work.  The result was too gross for me to
feel comfortable releasing.  It would have been fine otherwise.

[*] Did you know that "libtool --enable-shared" *throws away* any
arguments it doesn't like?  This makes it impossible to pass
specialized linker (or link-wrapper-script) arguments through to the
final link stage.  Bug bug buggity bug, but I'm sure they'd tell me
it's a feature.  This is in the "normal" [**] link stuff, not the
long-broken CL "support."

[**] Dealing with the Unholy Trinity of Autoconf, Automake and Libtool
often makes me feel like a Chinese speaker who is told "Sure, we'll
support your language, as long as it's translatable word-for-word
from English."

I'll try building the new sources under Microsoft Visual C, using the
wrapper I wrote, and let you know if there's anywhere that a new
incompatibility has slipped in.

- David Librik
librik at

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