sparc64 for GNU/Linux

James A. Morrison ja2morri at
Wed Oct 22 18:25:18 CEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 17:08, Kevin Ryde wrote:
> ja2morri at (James Morrison) writes:
> >
> >   A 64 bit userland is now supported in GNU/Linux and will be available in
> > the next Debian stable release.  Anyway, to get gmp to build for sparc64
> > on GNU/Linux I needed the following patch.
> Is 64-bit user going to be the only option on that system?  (Point us
> to some transition notes or something if that exists.)
> In the past we've built 32-bits on such systems of course.  If it's
> possible to build that then we probably want to keep it for upward
> compatibility.  Whether it's the default or not is another matter.  We
> tend to follow the compiler or system default when in doubt.
> Is there a good way to detect an older sparcv9 debian, where we will
> presumably still need to go with 32-bits?  I guess sizeof(long)==8 for
> a start will be new.

 Well, there is always the sparc32 binary which makes uname lie and
say a sparc64 system is a sparc32 system.

 Otherwise, the I guess sizeof(long) is a reasonable test.  I don't
expect the 64 bit userland to become the default ever, but it's
available now.


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