sparc64 for GNU/Linux

Kevin Ryde user42 at
Fri Nov 7 09:50:56 CET 2003

"James A. Morrison" <ja2morri at> writes:
>  Well it's possible to choose explicitly between them with -m32 and
> -m64, but I don't know a way to tell what gcc implicitly creates.

I've set it up, for the next release, to have both ABI=64 and ABI=32
for gnu/linux, like on solaris.

ABI=64 uses gcc -m64, ABI=32 uses gcc -m32.  If -m32 doesn't work
we'll assume it's an old gcc (eg. 2.95) and continue with ABI=32.

ABI=64 will be the default, since it gives better gmp speed.  Maybe
the libgmp3 package will have to override that if it stays in 32 bits.

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