changing gmp install name

Paul Leyland
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 09:39:51 -0800

> From: Jason Moxham []=20

> On Monday 06 Jan 2003 3:06 pm, Paul Leyland wrote:
> > I must be missing something.   Why not just rename the=20
> > files in the file system and #include or link against
> > the new names?

> I don't know if that would work , some executibles keep their=20
> own name ( I think gcc does) , I don't know if gmp does this,
> anyway its a pain and buggy to do as you suggest , and not what
> I want. Basically I want to make a different gmp library with
> different functions , so it needs a different name.=20


#! /bin/sh
mv /usr/local/lib/{,old}libgmp.a
mv /usr/local/include/{,old}gmp.h
cd /usr/local/src/gmp-test
make install
mv /usr/local/lib/libgmp{,-test}.a
mv /usr/local/include/gmp{,-test}.h
mv /usr/local/lib/{old,}libgmp.a
mv /usr/local/include/{old,}gmp.h

I think that does precisely what you asked for, modulo compilation
and installation errors in your test version.