[Gmp-commit] /var/hg/gmp: Amend doc change.

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Fri Oct 30 06:59:27 UTC 2015

details:   /var/hg/gmp/rev/005b53ba97a2
changeset: 16917:005b53ba97a2
user:      Marco Bodrato <bodrato at mail.dm.unipi.it>
date:      Fri Oct 30 07:59:23 2015 +0100
Amend doc change.


 doc/gmp.texi |  4 ++--
 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diffs (14 lines):

diff -r 82d2534721e3 -r 005b53ba97a2 doc/gmp.texi
--- a/doc/gmp.texi	Fri Oct 30 07:55:19 2015 +0100
+++ b/doc/gmp.texi	Fri Oct 30 07:59:23 2015 +0100
@@ -4567,8 +4567,8 @@
 will be used in a calculation, even if the selected precision is high.
 All calculations are performed to the precision of the destination variable.
-Each function calculate with ``higher'' then truncate to the destination
+Each function calculate with ``higher'' precision then truncate to the
+destination precision.
 The precision selected by the user for a variable is a minimum value, GMP may
 increase it to facilitate efficient calculation.  Currently this means

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