Re: mini-gmp mpz_gcdext Bézout coefficients do not match documentation

Guido Vranken guidovranken at
Sun Feb 18 22:03:06 CET 2024

I've confirmed with my fuzzer that the committed patch resolves the issues.

On Sun, Feb 18, 2024 at 8:27 PM Niels Möller <nisse at> wrote:

> marco.bodrato at writes:
> > The only reason why I prefer my solution is: when cmp<0, there is no
> need to compute
> > mpz_sub (t1, t0, t1);
> That's certainly a micro optimization, but let's keep things simple.
> I've pushed this fix now, I think there were only comment and ChangeLog
> changes since the previous version of the patch.
> Thanks for the review,
> /Niels
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