major formatted output function bug with %c and the value 0

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Sun Feb 18 12:29:27 CET 2024

Ciao Vincent,

15 dic 2023, 13:26 da vincent at

> Note that there are similar issues in printf/repl-vsnprintf.c, and I

I finally had the time to examine the code and test it. I attach a proposed patch.

I changed the 3 files: printf/doprntf.c, printf/repl-vsnprintf.c, printf/sprintffuns.c, to use the returned value of the called functions, instead of calling strlen on the string.

I also slightly changed the tests, to check at least one case with "%c", 0.
For this to work I also had to change a
-  (*__gmp_free_func) (got, strlen(got)+1);
+  (*__gmp_free_func) (got, got_len+1);
When the string comes from a generic print, it is safer to relay on the return value than on the length computed by strlen()...

> think that this is the cause of the MPFR failure with MS Visual C++
> (vsnprintf is used by gmp_vasprintf).
If you can also test on that side, let me know. Thanks!


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