Segmentation fault with mpz_inp_raw on gcc45

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Sun Sep 26 13:24:46 UTC 2021


Il 2021-09-18 10:07 Torbjörn Granlund ha scritto:
> I suppose that, in this case, as my fix has problems with nails, this

Your fix also aborts, instead of returning 0.

> might be a better patch.  An UNLIKELY(...) might have a place here,
> though.

I commited the patch, adding UNLIKELY to all error branches.

> I took a very quick lock at other uses of BITS_TO_LIMBS and think we
> might have one more place where scalar overflow might occur:
> mpz/import.c.  There might be more places.

I also changed mpz/import.c but I did not correct this possible 


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