very minor typo in GMP documentation

Jason Kwan jasonckwan at
Fri Sep 17 08:24:32 UTC 2021

Dear GNU GMP team,

Using the "info gmp" command on my mac, with GMP 6.2.1, I've noticed a rather insignificant (potential) typo in the documentation - (perhaps the author meant "repeatedly" ?)  : 

>  15.3.5 Jacobi Symbol
> --------------------
> Jacobi symbol (A/B)
>    Initially if either operand fits in a single limb, a reduction is
> done with either 'mpn_mod_1' or 'mpn_modexact_1_odd', followed by the
> binary algorithm on a single limb.  The binary algorithm is well suited
> to a single limb, and the whole calculation in this case is quite
> efficient.
>    For inputs larger than 'GCD_DC_THRESHOLD', 'mpz_jacobi',
> 'mpz_legendre' and 'mpz_kronecker' are computed via the HGCD (Half GCD)
> function, as a generalization to Lehmer's algorithm.
>    Most GCD algorithms reduce a and b by repeatatily computing the
> quotient q = floor(a/b) and iteratively replacing
>    a, b = b, a - q * b

Thanks for your time 


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