gmp{6.1.2, 6.2.0} config.guess detects wrong cputype/instruction sets

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Sat Sep 26 14:30:46 UTC 2020

Bernd Recktor <software-entwicklung at> writes:

  coffeelake processes from intel are affected. Specifically in my case
  i9-9900KF and Pentium-Gold-G5400. The ./config.guess script recognizes
  kabylake-pc-linux-gnu or kabylakenoavx-pc-linux-gnu. Both compilers
  GCC-10.2 and GCC-8.3 recognize skylake using 'gcc -march = native -Q 
  --help = target | grep march'. If a Linux system is to be built
  natively, then non-executable binaries are generated.

Is it a hypotheses of yours that "non-executable binaries" are
generated, or have you actually tried it.  In the latter case, please
send us a complete bug report as per the instructions in the GMP manual.

Skylake is older than Kaby lake which is older than Coffee lake.  So
recognising Coffee Lake as Kaby lake coule be considered as less wrong
than recognising is as Skylake.

Now, as far as I know, Skylake and Kaby lake have the exact same
instructions.  Coffeelake does not lack any instructions implemented in
either.  That's why I am surprised by your claim of generation of
"non-executable binaries".

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