gmp{6.1.2, 6.2.0} config.guess detects wrong cputype/instruction sets

Bernd Recktor software-entwicklung at
Sat Sep 26 11:58:06 UTC 2020


coffeelake processes from intel are affected. Specifically in my case 
i9-9900KF and Pentium-Gold-G5400. The ./config.guess script recognizes 
kabylake-pc-linux-gnu or kabylakenoavx-pc-linux-gnu. Both compilers 
GCC-10.2 and GCC-8.3 recognize skylake using 'gcc -march = native -Q 
--help = target | grep march'. If a Linux system is to be built 
natively, then non-executable binaries are generated.

best regards,

Bernd Recktor

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