assertion failure in snprntffuns.c:79 for i686-w64-mingw32

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Sat Jan 11 15:33:30 UTC 2020


Il Ven, 10 Gennaio 2020 5:04 pm, Vincent Lefevre ha scritto:
> On 2020-01-10 16:27:31 +0100, Marco Bodrato wrote:
>> Can you please try with the development version?

> I get the following error:

> gmp_vsnprintf return value wrong

... because there was an error in the process of cross-compilation...

> Is there a way to tell GMP's configure that vsnprintf is missing,
> so that HAVE_VSNPRINTF is not defined?

Configure should check for it, but checking is not possible for
cross-compilations. Should we add an option for this case?
It would be nice if the autotools give support for an optional "emulation
environment", for a better configuration and an easier testing process...

> BTW, I still notice in printf/vasprintf.c:
>       ret = vsnprintf (d->buf + d->size, space, fmt, ap);
>       if (ret == -1)
>         {
>           ASSERT (strlen (d->buf + d->size) == space-1);
>           ret = space-1;
>         }

I'll look into that.


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