mpz_invert gives wrong result for > 64bit numbers under Valgrind

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Tue Jul 3 15:40:51 UTC 2018

Jan Hartman <jan.hartman at> writes:

  I know it's stated in the GMP Manual that Valgrind might not support
  instructions recently added to an ISA, but this seems like it should
  work. I hope I provided enough details to verify and reproduce this.

I would argue that at any rate, it is not a GMP bug when valgrind
doesn't work properly for GMP.  It is something for the valgrind devs to
worry about.

(Some time ago, we reported an issue with GMP for newer Intel and AMD
processors.  Perhaps this is the same issue.  You might want to check a
newer valgrind version.)

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