mpz_invert gives wrong result for > 64bit numbers under Valgrind

Jan Hartman jan.hartman at
Tue Jul 3 14:04:50 UTC 2018


I found a bug when running some tests under Valgrind. The mpz_invert 
function gives wrong results if its arguments are larger than 64 bits.

GMP version: 6.1.2

Valgrind version: 3.13.0

GCC: gcc version 5.5.0 20171010 (Ubuntu 5.5.0-12ubuntu1~16.04)

Kernel: Linux xlab-jan 4.4.0-128-generic #154-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 25 
14:15:18 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Architecture: skylake-pc-linux-gnu

Code for reproducing: attached (Compile it with /gcc -o g gmp_valgrind.c 
-lgmp/ and run with /./g/ and /valgrind ./g/, when run normally it 
should output equal = 1 and under Valgrind equal = 0)

I know it's stated in the GMP Manual that Valgrind might not support 
instructions recently added to an ISA, but this seems like it should 
work. I hope I provided enough details to verify and reproduce this.

Best regards,


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