ARM Cortex-A7 feature misdetection

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Tue Feb 6 19:33:25 UTC 2018

Jeffrey Walton <noloader at> writes:

  > You should edit the .asm source files under mpn/arm/neon. Before m4
  > processing.
There are at least two neon subdirs under mpn/arm.

  I see one file that looks interesting (lshiftc.asm):
      $ ls mpn/arm/neon/
      README       lorrshift.asm  sec_tabselect.asm
      hamdist.asm  lshiftc.asm    popcount.asm
  Does this look about right:
      # mpn/arm/neon/lshiftc.asm
          .fpu neon
      IFLSH(` mov     r12, n, lsl #2  ')
      IFLSH(` add     rp, rp, r12     ')
      IFLSH(` add     ap, ap, r12     ')
I think this is perhaps not as clean as one would want it to be.
Perhaps add a parameter to ASM_START, or add a new macro which could be
made empty for machines which do not need or accept the new directive.

(About your error: Your adting the lshiftc.asm file. Note the c at the
end.  Wrong file.)

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