make 'ASMFLAGS' behavior similar to 'CFLAGS' and 'CXXFLAGS' variables

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Fri Aug 18 15:49:17 UTC 2017

I don't plan to work on this, and I am not sure that doing major work in
this area is worth the potential portability destabilisation.  (Please
use this list for bug reports and gmp-discuss for other subjects.)

sav_ix at writes:

  Currently, if 'CFLAGS' and 'CXXFLAGS' variables not defined by User,
  they're autodetected during GMP configuration and used for appropriate
  compiler 'gcc' and 'g++' respectively during build.  For some reason
  'ASMFLAGS' variable don't autodetected at all; if defined by User, it
  doesn't used for assembler check during configuration, and used with
  'CFLAGS' and 'CXXFLAGS' during build.
  Even if don't take into account, that "the same things are done in
  different way", this makes binding of GMP to a particular assembler (GCC
  or GCC-like). As a consequence, 3rd party assembler (e.g. YASM, can't be used for GMP build, since it receive GCC C and
  C++ compiler keys, instead of expected from 'ASMFLAGS' variable, and
  throw error.
  This could be changed by setting 'ASMFLAGS' as the only variable, used
  with 'CCAS', and initializing 'ASMFLAGS' from 'CFLAGS', if it wasn't
  defined by User (patch added in attachment).  Tested build and check
  using mingw-w64 for <Debug|Release><Shared|Static> configurations with
  and without YASM as 3rd party assembler, and found no regressions (all
  tasks finished successfully). Didn't tested tune, as it's not available
  for this compiler; expected, that it should be built without errors too.
  Don't know the reason, why 'CCAS' variable was used with 'CPPFLAGS' in
  addition to 'CFLAGS' (object files, built from 'mpn/*.asm' files, are
  linked only with 'gmp' C library, but not 'gmpxx' C++ library; in
  addition, 'CXXFLAGS' could contain C++ compiler specific keys,
  e.g. '-std=gnu++11', which would be passed to C compiler 'gcc'). Thus
  this patch initialize 'ASMFLAGS' from 'CFLAGS' variable only, but not
  Environment: Windows 10 x64, mingw-w64 6.3.0 x86_64, MSYS2 20161025
  x86_64,GMP-6.2.0-dev (changeset 17426:330407782736).
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