gcc 4.9.2 build from source

dclarke blastwave.org dclarke at blastwave.org
Sun Nov 23 22:02:01 UTC 2014

> We're sadly aware of GCC's loud recommendation of severely obsolete
> software.
> The right approach for GCC is to use a modern GMP, compile it with
> --disable-assembly, and link to it statically.

I just extract the tarball into the gcc source tree and everything
builds fine without any issues. This rev seems to work well :

node000 $ grep "__GNU_MP_VERSION" /usr/local/include/gmp.h
#define __GNU_MP_VERSION            6
#define __GNU_MP_VERSION_MINOR      0
#define __GNU_MP_RELEASE (__GNU_MP_VERSION * 10000 +

Not bad results at all :


So I don't know what the issue is over at ye old GCC project but I have
seen no issues with gmp in a long while.  However, just for the sake of
giving the optimization levels a try I want to see if gmp can build on
Solaris 10 with the latest release of Oracle Studio 12.4.

I'll let you know.


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