gcc 4.9.2 build from source

Torbjörn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Sun Nov 23 21:32:24 UTC 2014

"dclarke blastwave.org" <dclarke at blastwave.org> writes:

  The funny thing is that the folks in the GCC project and maillist point
  to an older version of gmp as the version to use.  See
  ftp://gcc.gnu.org/pub/gcc/infrastructure/ where gmp 4.3.2 is what they
  have there. If and when problems occur I have been pointed in that
  direction over and over. I don't like it, but such is life with
  bootstrapping gcc.
We're sadly aware of GCC's loud recommendation of severely obsolete

The right approach for GCC is to use a modern GMP, compile it with
--disable-assembly, and link to it statically.

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