make failure trying to build gmp-5.1.0a on Tru64unix v5.1b system

Niels Möller nisse at
Thu Feb 7 19:39:15 CET 2013

Bill.Glessner at cwu.EDU writes:

> I am Trying to build gmp-5.1.0a on Tru64unix version 5.1b-6 AlphaServer GS160
> and I receive a make failure upon invoking the gnumake command after a
> successful configuration.

Thanks for the bug report. 

> # gnumake
> ./gen-fac 64 0 >fac_table.h || (rm -f fac_table.h; exit 1)
> Assertion failed: dp[dn-1] & GMP_LIMB_HIGHBIT, file mini-gmp/mini-gmp.c, line 996
> /bin/bash: line 1: 403478 IOT/Abort trap          ./gen-fac 64 0 > fac_table.h
> gnumake: *** [fac_table.h] Error 1

Can you get a backtrace for this? Looks like the mpn_div_qr_preinv
function. I'd like to know from where it was called.


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