wrong .def file name building with mingw

Laurent.Rineau__gmp at normalesup.org Laurent.Rineau__gmp at normalesup.org
Fri Nov 9 17:39:59 CET 2012

Le lundi 05 novembre 2012 14:10:48 Andrea Bravetti a écrit :
> I would like to report a problem building gmp with mingw and contribute
> with my patch.
> - The GMP version number: gmp-5.0.5
> - Test program not available.
> - Description of what is wrong:
>     I need to build GMP with MinGW on Windows and link the dll with MS
> VC 2003.
>     To do that I need a .lib file that I can make with the "lib" command
> from the .def in .libs...
>     The generated .def is wrong and link to a missing "libgmp-3.dll.dll"
> (note also the double .dll extension)

I have already reported that bug two years ago, with a better patch:

See also a more recent discussion:
where Torbjorn said it was then on his todo-list.

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