[PATCH] Fix wrong code generation for AMD Fam 11h CPUs in 32-bit mode

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Tue Mar 6 12:08:37 CET 2012

Thanks for a model bug report!

This is clearly a bug in GMP's config.guess.

Do you have any idea about how common this "K8.5" CPU core might be?  I
had completely missed its existence.  Were they only ever marketed as
"Turion", and only a fraction of the Turions used this core?

I am quite surprised by the nature of the 'make check' failures; if the
compiler is directed by GMP to use unimplemented instructions, I'd
really expect "Illegal instruction" traps, not miscomputations,
segfaults, and hangs!

And in 64-bit mode all works fine.  Even more strange.

If you copy some of the failing GMP test cases to a K10 machine, do tey
work fine?


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