gmp-5.0.2 installation in Solaris 10

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Thu Sep 15 14:51:32 CEST 2011

> On Wed, 14 Sep 2011, WEY, CHERN L wrote:
>> I am providing the complete errors I got while installing GMP 5.0.2 on
>> Solaris10/Sparc and running 'make check'.
> Ah, now it makes much more sense...
>> t-bswap: fatal: /usr/sfw/lib/ wrong ELF class:
> You can look through the archives for details. I guess your Solaris is not
> up to date with patches (Sun was supposed to have fixed this). It can be
> worked around with LDFLAGS=-R/usr/sfw/lib/sparcv9 .
> On the other hand, if you were looking for a 32 bit libgmp, you forgot to
> set ABI=32 (see the doc).

You got in there first but I was going to say don't use the GCC that ships
with Solaris 10. It is old, unmaintained and you are far better off runng
GCC 4.5.1 from Blastwave or just bootstrap 4.6.1 yourself. Dead easy
really. Then you will find that gmp/mpfr/mpc etc compile and pass all test
with flying colours on Solaris 8 and 9 and 10 on 32-bit and 64-bit and I
have done them all. See detailed test suite reports in the GCC testsuite

Oh, and use as and ld from Sun in /usr/ccs/bin on Sparc. I have good
results that way. You can try binutils if you want and you will find that
as ( gas ) works fine but ld is a whole other issue.


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