core2 not recognized

Jay DeMarrais jay at
Mon Nov 16 16:08:26 CET 2009

When I reinstalled cygwin with all the developer tools enabled, I correctly 
got core2-pc-cygwin when running ./configure.  It looks like I am all set. 
Thanks for all the help.

The problem is that the core2 message sends the naive user like me chasing 
down the wrong path.

I would like to change the 'bug' I submitted to a suggested enhancement to 
do the following:
1) Mention the need to explicitly install the compiler in the windows 
section of the document when installing cygwin since it isn't the default.
2a) Under known problems, mention that if the you get the messages stated 
then it is likely you are missing needed tools.
2b) or even better, could you check for make, the compiler, or whatever 
before you run into the machine name error and print an intelligent message 
if they are not found?

Thanks again,

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> Hi,
> Have you installed the C compiler and all the tools?
> They are not installed by default by the setup program of cygwin.
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> Regards,
> On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 5:59 PM, Jay DeMarrais <jay at> wrote:
>> Downloaded 'latest version' 4.3.1 of gmp.
>> ./configure fails on my system using cygwin (32 bit machine with 
>> processor
>> Intel Core2 Duo Cpu). It reports:
>> -pc' not recognizede 'core2.. Invalid configuration 'core2
>> -pc-cygwin failed /bin/sh ./confure.sub core2
>> I was a bit surprised this wasn't a 'known problem'. I can't have the 
>> only
>> core2 machine???
>> I am trying ./configure --build=i386. I have no idea if this is correct
>> however.
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