Documentation/website suggestion: link to OS X Intel build instructions

Joshua Dunfield joshuad at
Sun Jul 22 11:07:55 CEST 2007

Currently, the top-level page says:

  [2006-05-04] GMP does not build on MacInteltosh machines. No fix planned for GMP 4.x.

It's true that the unpatched gmp-4.2.1 does not build on Intel-based
Mac OS X systems; however, a patch is available.  Moreover, straightforward
instructions for applying that patch and successfully building GMP (and
passing "make check", naturally) can be readily downloaded at:

Since the only real problem with GMP on Intel-based OS X is finding
that PDF, the statement "No fix planned for GMP 4.x" is misleading.
It would be more accurate, and much more helpful, to say something like

  [2007-xx-xx] Building GMP on Intel-based Mac OS X systems requires a patch.
               Complete instructions can be found in <A HREF="">this PDF</A>.

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