Problem while installing GMP

Prabhakar, Chetan Chetan.Prabhakar at
Wed Apr 12 14:48:14 CEST 2006

    I did set the environmental variables as below
    CXXFLAGS="-AA +DS2.0W +DD64" and 
    CFLAGS="+DD64 +O2"
           I believe these variables were used by "configure" to prepare the Makefile. 

P.S I also set these parameters for configure

Chetan Prabhakar

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"Prabhakar, Chetan" <Chetan.Prabhakar at> writes:

  6.	configure parameters --enable-cxx=yes ABI=2.0w

Are you sure you didn't specify more parameters than that?
I don't see any knowledge of aCC or its -AA flag in GMP,
so that information must have come from someplace.


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