mpz_mul core dump - attempt 2

Alex S Moore asmoore at
Wed Sep 15 01:23:03 CEST 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-14 at 11:50, Kate Minola wrote:
> Alex wrote:
> > I built and ran the code and it worked fine.  I used
> > gcc3-3.4.1 to build your code.
> > 
> My understanding is that an Ultra-60 is an "ultrasparc2"
> as returned by gmp-4.1.3/config.guess.
> I have built gmp-4.1.3 with both cc and with the recently
> released gcc-3.4.2 on an ultrasparc2.  I still have the
> problem.

Sorry, I cannot duplicate this on my sparc host.  I have tried
gcc3-3.4.1 and Sun Studio 8 compilers.

I should clarify that I build gmp on a different sparc host from my
Ultra60.  config.guess says ultrasparc2-sun-solaris2.8 on that build
host.  I am running the tests on an Ultra60, which config.guess says is

So, are you using 64-bit?  The test programs on my filesystem now are
32-bit and using the sparcv8plus+vis library.  I think that
I tested with 64-bit, but I am not sure.

So, I may need to build a 64-bit test on the host where I built the gmp
package and report back.  Just let me know if it will help.


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