[RESEND] [PATCH] Better vxWorks support in longlong.h

Mark Haigh mhaigh at sonicwall.com
Thu Mar 25 02:03:14 CET 2004

Kevin Ryde wrote:

>Mark Haigh <mhaigh at sonicwall.com> writes:
>>Just a followup.  Is this ok with you?
>Well, I'm not too motivated to do much to 4.1.2, I'm hoping Torbjorn
>will add the words below to the web page status.
><li> On VxWorks, non-PowerPC targets may fail to build due to PowerPC
>     assembler code being selected in longlong.h.  For those targets, remove
>     <code>defined (PPC)</code> from the two <code>#if</code>'s in that file.
Can I beg you to reconsider, and put up a patch against 4.1.2 with the 
removed PPC and added __PPC__ and __ppc?

This way just about everybody is fixed and I can put this into gcc-3.4.  
Right now, all GCC and GMP builds for non-PPC vxWorks are broken.  This 
patch would simultaneously fix both problems, and prevent GCC branches 
from having to deviate from GMP's longlong.h (which is something the GCC 
people do not want to do).

I don't want to have to beg, but I'm considering it  ;-)


Mark F. Haigh
mfhaigh at acm.org

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