[RESEND] [PATCH] Better vxWorks support in longlong.h

Kevin Ryde user42 at zip.com.au
Thu Mar 25 01:52:17 CET 2004

Mark Haigh <mhaigh at sonicwall.com> writes:
> Just a followup.  Is this ok with you?

Well, I'm not too motivated to do much to 4.1.2, I'm hoping Torbjorn
will add the words below to the web page status.

<li> On VxWorks, non-PowerPC targets may fail to build due to PowerPC
     assembler code being selected in longlong.h.  For those targets, remove
     <code>defined (PPC)</code> from the two <code>#if</code>'s in that file.

All followups to gmp-bugs at swox.com please.

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